How To Get Pregnant With A Boy Or A Girl

There are many different gender selection methods, each of them claiming to be the most precise one. One of them is the so-called shettles method used for many years.

Gender is not the first wish of the future parents, the only want the baby to be healthy and strong.

The “shettles method” is named after Dr. Shettles, whose gender selection methods are supported by science. This method does not require any medical treatment or money.

Men produce 2 types of sperm: the female “X” and the male “Y”, and these chromosomes are determining the gender of the baby. The male chromosomes are smaller, but faster than the female ones, which are larger and stronger, but slower. Here are some of Dr. Shettles` advices on how to conceive a baby with the preferred gender.

Conceiving a boy:

If you prefer a boy, restrain for sex 4-5 days before ovulation, in order for the sperm amount to increase. The intercourse should be as close to the ovulation as possible, or even better on the day of the ovulation, when the woman is the most fertile. Since the male Y sperm is faster, it will reach the egg first.

Also, the alkalinity of the “egg white” cervical mucus is highest during ovulation, which is the best environment for the Y sperm. The male sperm won`t have the same characteristic in a less alkaline environment, this is why it is recommended to have sex neat the ovulation days.

During female orgasm, the alkalinity get additionally increased, so Dr. Shettles recommend for both partners to have orgasm at the same time, or the female orgasm should be right before the male. During orgasm, the female reproductive system shrinks, which allows the Y sperm to get easier to the egg.

As far as the sex position, Dr. Shettles recommends the doggy-style position or some other which can allow deep penetration, so that the sperm can be ejected closer to the cervix, making the distance between the egg and the Y sperm closer.

Conceiving a girl:

Now it`s the opposite situation: have sex as much as possible before the ovulation, but restrain from sex 2-3 days before and on the day of the ovulation. The female reproductive system allows the sperm to survive for six days, so this way only the female sperm will remain because it`s stronger, and possibly fertilize the egg.

Preferred sexual position are the ones which allow only shallow penetration, like the missionary, because the sperm will get in the lower parts where the environment is more acidic, and we already said that Y sperm thrive only in alkaline environment.

Also, female orgasm is not recommended because it can raise the alkalinity.

This method is based on science, but not scientifically proven, so many people don`t accept and acknowledge it.

It`s yours to decide, but try this method, it`s free and the only thing you`ll need to know is your ovulation days.

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