People consider menopause normal and a part of being female, but women who have passed it know best. Once you reach menopause, you’re almost literally entering hell on Earth. You start gaining weight, everything is hurting and you’re easily irritated, which makes your life a living hell. Although unpleasant, the changes your body undergoes are normal. Here are 20 things you should know to easily go through menopause:

  1. Crying for no particular reason

During menopause, your hormones undergo big changes which can make you get emotional over nothing.

  1. Hair in random places

It’s not unusual for women during menopause to find hairs on their chin and other unexpected places.

  1. Sleeping overnight is impossible

Insomnia is a common symptom of menopause that can leave you without energy in the morning and make you anxious.

  1. You love chocolate

All you can think about on some days is eating all the chocolate in the world!

  1. Weight gain

The dreaded weight gain during menopause is a result of slow metabolism (or all those chocolate bars you have eaten).

  1. Sometimes you forget your own name!

Menopause can make you forget important things such as your name. It may get increasingly difficult to remember where your keys are or some other simple things.

  1. You’re afraid of losing your mind

The harsh psychological time you’ll endure during menopause can make you believe that your brain has simply left your body.

  1. You’re starting to suffer again

Menopause can make you go through the pain of adolescence again.

  1. You start saying what’s on your mind

On a positive note, menopause will help you speak your mind without fear.

  1. Swelling in some body parts

Going through menopause can make your ankles, feet and hands swell.

  1. Mood swings

Mood swings are the real highlight of menopause – you may be happy one second, and want to kill someone in the other. Yep, you will laugh, cry, scream and shout in a 20-minute window.

  1. You’re screaming on the inside!

If someone wants to comfort you with a hug, you may feel like you want to scream your lungs out!

  1. You fight the need to stop commenting

When someone says something stupid, you fight the urge to comment his stupidity.

  1. You feel like you’re going crazy

Although it may seem like you’re losing it, you may want to take a chocolate bar.

  1. Intense heat

You’ve probably heard the stories about hot flashes and feeling intense heat before menopause, and they’re very real.

  1. You want to get into the fridge

The intense heat you’re feeling will make you want to sit in the fridge in order to cool down. But, you won’t do that, right?

  1. Sweating

All the changes the body undergoes will make you sweaty. You may feel unclean even after a shower.

  1. Water retention

Even after the intense sweating, your body will miraculously retain water, which will result in swelling.

  1. FOOD!

Food has become your life now, and is replacing everything in your life. All you can think about is food – if you’re not working or sleeping, you will definitely be eating.

  1. Always on the warpath

During menopause, anger is your middle name, and you will destroy everything or everyone standing in your way.

Menopause is not an easy thing, yes, but remember – you are not alone. Every woman has to go through it, so accept things as they are and you will have an easier time.

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