Watch: What This Woman Pulled Out From Her Leg Using Tweezers Is Shockingly Relieving

There were many articles relating to strange and unknown insects. In one article a huge winged insect was pulled out from a man’s ear, while the other one was about a farmer who died after being bitten by a virus infected tick. Now, YouTube user Shannon Shields uploaded a video titled “Removal of monster…something from my leg.”

It seems, every day unusual things are being discovered.

The video shows a woman extracting a weird looking parasite embedded deep on her leg.

She grabs a pair of tweezers and tries to pull the brown scab out of her skin.

But it seems the thing is buried very deeper in the skin than expected. It doesn’t come easily. It took her several attempts before she gets a tight grip on the unknown parasite.

Finally, she manages to remove the creature, leaving a small deep hole behind.

Below you can watch the video:

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