Get Rid of Cold Naturally in Just 3 Hours

While it is rarely a serious medical condition, the common cold can be a serious annoyance.

From zinc syrup to chicken soup, people will claim that this food or that supplement will curtail cold symptoms. And who wouldn’t want to have only a one-day cold? Sadly, the truth is that fighting a cold is a multi-day process that can be hastened only a bit (if at all), according to medical science.

But here’s what we believe you can do to get rid of cold for only 3 hours. We present you his majesty – the garlic!

This was confirmed by world famous scientists. The survey, whose results were published in the magazine “Journal of Nutrition” found that consuming meals with 5 grams of raw and chopped garlic (two cloves of garlic), dramatically fast, even for only 3 hours, activates genes involved in the production of white blood cells that actually strengthen the immune system.

In a matter of fact, scientists can’t confirm that garlic can save you from the common cold so quickly, but previous studies have confirmed that assumption. During the study, respondents who ate garlic were totally healthy, or the cold symptoms gone faster than on those who did not eat garlic at all.

This is because of selenium, some enzymes and vitamin C in the garlic.

So if you get cold, just try this method, It cannot hurt you.

You can eat it fresh, put it in a salad, or combine it with cup of yogurt.

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