According to former Romanian veterinarian inspector Miroslav Stojsica, reading and understanding the labels on our food plays a crucial role in our health. The first rule to remember is not buying anything that has the MSM (processed) label – this means that you’re getting chopped meat and bones that contain traces of hormones, heavy metals, antibiotics and toxic substances that the animal has consumed before being slaughtered. The same goes for “preservative” labels, which means that the product contains E249, E250, E251 and E252 nitrites, which have been linked to cancer. Furthermore, nitrites can create nitrosamines when exposed to high temperatures, which are very harmful.

Sausages, pates and salami contain polyphosphates E451, E452 and E453 which are highly toxic for the body. They may also contain E407, a carcinogenic compound which sticks to the intestinal walls and causes inflammation that can result in colon cancer. Some processed foods also contain sodium glutamate, a harmful compound usually added for flavor.

In order to avoid potential health problems, you need to but fresh meat and check it for strips or fat. If there is some fat, the animal has been raised organically, but if there’s not, the animal was fed with artificial foods full of hormones and antibiotics.

The fresh meat you’ve bought must be properly stored in the fridge. Also, it’s better to prepare meat in the oven with some olive oil and spices, as fried meat releases a dangerous compound called dioxin. If you like barbecue (and who doesn’t), you need to cook the meat once the coal has turned amber and the smoking has stopped. As Dr. Stojsic explains, children should never consume this type of meat, as well as processed meat such as sausages and pate. Pates can be easily prepared with fresh meat at home, so you can get a healthy product instead of the commercially sold ones which are full of carcinogenic substances.

By following these tips, you will learn how to avoid the bad types of meat and keep yourself and your family healthy.

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