Little Girl Defeats Arthritis & Lupus By Removing These 3 Things From Her Diet!


In this article we will present a story about a 10-yesr old girl who struggled with a severe case of an autoimmune disease considered to be a mixed connective tissue disease or MCTD. The doctors discovered that she was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus. Due to these terrible conditions she experienced debilitating side-effects and the worst part was that there was no cure for her condition.

Every part of Isabel’s body was affected by this disease including her skin, liver, muscles, blood vessels and white blood cells. Moreover, she also had swollen face and joints. The girls was already on steroids, aspirin and acid blockers when she visited Dr. Hyman and she felt tired and miserable.

Since the medications didn’t work, her former doctor suggested a chemotherapy drug that only could suppress the symptoms. Nevertheless, this was not an option since this drug adds a risk of cancer. Luckily, her parents decided to take her to Dr. Hyman, and she was free of symptoms and her blood tests were normal in less than a year.


The main reason why Dr. Hyman was more successful than the others, is because he decided to discover what was causing the problem. He discovered that she had inflammation which could be controlled with some simple changes in her diet.

Dairy, gluten and sugar were forbidden for Isabel and she also needed to take the following supplements: fish oil, B12, folate, vitamin D. moreover, he also recommended  anti-inflammatory evening primrose oil, an anti-fungal, a probiotic and a mercury chelating agent.

After a while, the girls was feeling better every day and she was finally healthy. Both Isabel and her doctor decided to0 share her story with the public in order to show how alternative healing is sometimes far better option than taking medications. In the video below, Isabel explains, “I can ride my horse again, I’m off all these stupid medications, and… I feel great!


According to the statistics, autoimmune diseases affects about 50 million people living in the United States. There are different forms such as Crohn’s disease, type 1 diabetes, and fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, many doctors tend to prescribe medications which only cause more harm than good.

Dr. Hyman writes, “Medicine today approaches most disease by suppressing, covering over, blocking or otherwise interfering with the body’s biology. We generally do not attempt to seriously address the underlying problems that lead to the disease in the first place.”

As you can see from the story, Dr. Hyman was able to save the girl from pain and suffering just by removing gluten, dairy and sugar from her diet. The extra vitamins and supplements gave her body a natural push to get on track to healing.

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