Brave Man Jumps Into Water To Save Drowning Black Bear

Sometimes going the extra mile to help can mean putting your own life on the line in the process – not often, but it happens.

For Adam Warwick, a biologist with the Florida Wildlife Commission, that happened to be more recently than for a lot of us. It was just another normal day for these wildlife experts when they received a call to rescue a black bear that had wandered too far from home. After arriving at the Alligator Point neighborhood they realized quickly it was only a misunderstanding, and the bear had no ill intentions. Not wanting to kill an animal just for traveling outside “designated” territory they went with the tranquilizers, but that only managed to frighten the bear away from the biologists and into the ocean.

Warwick was the first to realize this wasn’t going to end well for the bear if it didn’t get out of the water; and everyone else soon realized the tranq’s were kicking in and this bear was going to drown! Seeing only one possible option under the circumstances, Warwick dove into the sea in a desperate attempt to keep the bear alive.

For 25 yards he kept the bear up enough for it to keep breathing. This almost 400 pound beast got lucky this time, if it was anyone else who knows if they would have had the quick thinking, strength and stamina to safely rescue that big of an animal. After a wildly successful rescue, Warwick only receiving a single scratch from the bear and a cut foot from the coral and the bear doing just fine, it was then relocated home where it belongs.

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