Look Younger By 10 Years With Coconut Oil! 5 Ways To Do So, Advice From Experts!

This oil is the most effective oil for beauty and health, for sure. The coconut oil..

Here you can see the 5 ways of usage of this coconut oil.

  1. Shaving cream- conventional shaving has many chemicals and costs a lot. Avoid such creams for the armpits and legs, and use oil. The oil is cheap, natural and smells great. Also it has no chemicals and is antimicrobial. It soothes the skin and hydrates it.
  2. Skin care for the night- use it before bed. Put some on the skin and wake up with gorgeous skin. It goes deep in the pores and makes the skin soft.
  3. Hand cream- the cold weather damages the hand skin. Pay attention to this more. Use coconut on the hands.
  4. Cellulite cream- it is a common problem for many people. This oil helps.
  5. Liquid hand soap- make your own soap with liquid soap and coconut. You will save money and keep the skin healthy and nice. You can wash them with no fear of damaging them.

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