Read this article and find out about few tips and tricks about how to use baby powder, besides the post – poo freshening for little ones.


If you don’t how water or you don’t have time to wash your hair and your hair is greasy there is quick solution: baby powder will help you. Just sprinkle some baby powder on your hairline before going out and it actually soaks up the excess oil. So, just comb your hair and you will be ready in few minutes.

Before you apply your makeup you can powder your face. It is interesting that baby powder works as a great primer, helping your foundation stay in place. You can completely substitute high – price conventional face power with baby powder.

Another use of baby powder is as aftershave because it preserves your skin’s moisture and soothes any redness that comes from the razor.

Some women have problem with extremely thin eyebrows. In this case, brush a bit of baby powder into your eyebrows before applying an eyebrow powder. Your brows will look fuller and healthier.

Did you know that there is a trick for you to lengthen your eyelashes? All you should do is to apply a base coat of mascara, then apply some baby powder with an eyeshadow brush to your lashes before applying a final coat of mascara.

Baby powder can work for lipsticks. Well, after you apply a layer of color, simply take a tissue and put it over your lips, then brush a coat of baby powder over the tissue. Apply a second layer of color to your lips. Your lips will look brilliant till your next kiss and beyond.

Wearing ill – fitting tights can sometimes be very uncomfortable. You can solve this problem by spreading baby powder on your legs before getting dressed in order to minimize the annoying rubbing.

Baby powder is effective in treatment of pimples. It has absorbent properties that regulate face oils and it works to soothe inflamed skin.

Baby powder is also a great deodorant alternative. It is guaranteed aluminum – free and has an unbeatable price.

All women will agree that waxing is very painful. To help ease the pain of waxing, you can apply some powder to your skin before you wax. This will prevent  the wax from sticking to your skin, but still will be effective for removing hair.

Many people get blisters after wearing new shoes. Apply baby powder to your feet and in the shoes in order to absorb extra moisture. No more painful blisters and smelly feet! You can always reapply a fresh coat for an effective shoe deodorant.

In order to cool down the bed sheets on hot summer just sprinkle baby powder on them.

Above are listed only few different uses. This white powder will leave you smelling fresh, and will not cause a huge dent in your savings, no matter where it is applied.

Well, if you have some other ideas, you can share it with us.

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