Women have the problem with having  fatty deposits in stomach  parts of the body, mainly due to lower genetic predisposition, and additional factors such as poor diet, a job that requires several hours sitting in a chair, lack of physical activity, dehydration and retain excess water only further makes difficult the process of losing weights.

Menu for the first three weeks

Before breakfast:– Glass of warm water with lemon juice

Breakfast: – Omelet of three eggs with vegetables and a glass of juice from berries.

Snack A: – half of grapefruit and a glass of natural berry juice.
Lunch: – 170 gr. Spicy salmon, cooked asparagus, spring salad of fresh vegetables arugula, radishes, tomatoes and peppers.

Snack B: – handful of nuts

Mini snack:- 1 apple half an hour before dinner: a glass of juice from the berries

Dinner: – Soup spinach, 150 grams of lean red meat.

AFTER three weeks:
In the morning, right when you get up, drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice
Breakfast: – Juice from fresh vegetables, omelets of 2 eggs and a piece of green cheese.

Snack A : – 150 g apples, half a cup of low-fat yogurt.
Lunch: – Soup without pasta. Fresh salad of celery, parsley, radishes and tomatoes

Snack B: – Handful of nuts
Mini snack: – 1 apple, a slice of fresh pineapple.
Dinner: – Boiled fish with asparagus (which is a natural diuretic and helps in cleansing the bowel), fresh salad.

In the first phase you should avoid consuming foods which are high in sugar and saturated fats, sweets and soft drinks.

Foods that you can consume: broccoli, kale,  fish, cauliflower, eggs, “lean” meat (chicken, turkey and beef), chard, natural juices (without sugar), grape seed oil seeds or flaxseed.

In the second phase you are still not allowed to consume sugar, white flour, alcoholic drinks and fatty foods. Also, avoid foods rich in carbohydrates, and in case you still want to consume them, opt for gluten-free products.

Avoid drinking water during the meal as it will dilute the stomach acid and slow down the digestive process. In the second stage, the process of weight loss is a bit slowed down in comparison to the first stage, but you will still reduce weight.

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