WARNING: Killer Insect Burns Skin Like Acid, Causing Death Within Days – Don’t Kill it With Bare Hands!

According to The Racket Report, there’s a dangerous new insect that spreads a skin altering virus when touched and burns the skin as well! If you see the insect on the picture, DON’T TOUCH IT with your bare hands.

 According to the CDC, the insect spreads a dangerous virus on the area of contact which circulates through the body in minutes.



The insect was first spotted in India, but has since then spread to the USA. Since the beginning of the year, more than a thousand people were rushed to emergency rooms due to the actions of the virus, and about 100 people have died from contact with the insect!



This is why it’s important to share this article and let everyone know about it. The “India Contra Virus” it transmits has spread through Arizona, Utah, Florida, Louisiana and Georgia, so it’s best to avoid these areas for the moment.

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