I Never Thought That 7 cloves of Garlic with 7 Bay leaves in a Bottle Would do This!

We all seek to remove bad energies from our environment, to achieve prosperity and happiness. The traditional rituals and old tricks of the grandmother, are usually used particularly for this type of issues, when to remove the bad energies of our life.

Today, we will teach you a spectacular homemade trick to take away the bad energies of your life, and achieve peace.

Homemade ritual based on garlic and bay leaves to ward off bad energy

This trick is very effective when renewing energies in our environment and make us feel much better.

But how do we know if we really need to renew energies in our environment?

Has it ever happened to you, the feeling of being always tired and heavy, also feeling that nothing works out for you? Well, it is just that moment when you will know that you need to keep the bad energies out of your life.

This powerful ritual will help prevent bad intentions, such as envy or jealousy from entering your home and your life, as well as protecting you against any other harm.

We assure you that the same day you begin to realize it, you will notice how energy is changing.

Look below, how to carry out this powerful ritual to ward off the bad energies of your life.

You will need to:

-A small bottle with corks
-7 cloves garlic
-7 bay leaves
-One liter of purified or mineral water


Add water in the bottle with a funnel, then add the garlic and bay leaf. Cover the bottle with the cork.
Now hide the bottle in some corner of your house where no one can see or touch it.
We assure you that with this simple ritual, abundance will come to your life, in all terms.

Since ancient times these ingredients have been used to ward off bad energies and provide protection and shelter. Nature is very wise, and gives us everything, so that we can feel good and protect ourselves.

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