Chicken being injected with Steroids to Fatten them for Human Consumption…So Gross!

There are things that companies do to chickens that would make most people cringe. A video was recently posted on Facebook about what happens to chickens in a factory before they are sold or used for other purposes. A large table with skinned chickens can be seen when the video begins.

 A few men are using tools to stick inside the chickens. These tools are making the chickens larger. It appears as though they are injecting them with some type of steroid. Each part of the chicken looks like a balloon. Once the meat is fuller in size, it is placed on a yellow tray that is similar to what you would see in a grocery store.
The process continues with the other chickens that are resting on the table. It’s unclear as to what exactly is in the tool that is being injected into the meat, but it doesn’t have any color. It could be air, water or some kind of chemical.
This is what is being done to the meat that is being purchased in other countries and possibly in the United States.

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