This healthy 16-year-old dies without warning on the beach. The cause can be found in every supermarket.

We are hearing more and more about the dangers of so-called “energy drinks.” But could actual death occur from drinking one of these?

Energy drinks are found all over the place. Grocery stores, gas stations, and even bars serve them on their own and sometimes as part of an alcoholic drink. All and all, energy drinks have become extremely popular over the past ten years. But it is the sudden death of a 16-year-old which is raising huge concerns over not just the fact that these drinks can be harmful, but that they can cause death.

Lanna Hamman from Arizona was on vacation in Mexico. It was June of 2014 and she was enjoying herself on the beach with some friends. Her friends stated that Lanna was consuming the energy drink Red Bull, pretty much all day long. They also stated that she hadn’t been drinking any water. That day, Lanna suffered from a sudden heart attack, and ended up dead. The energy drinks she had been consuming all day long are being blamed by many as the cause. It seems the combination of excess, easily digestible caffeine, and the lack of water leading to dehydration was what spurred on the attack. Lanna’s mom Kris stated that her daughter was a frequent Red Bull drinker and believes it was a direct link to her untimely death. She’s not alone in that belief as a cardiologist named Jack Wolfson also agrees that the drink was likely responsible as medical evidence exists that these drinks can have effects on the heart.

Matter of fact the number of energy drink related emergency room visits has skyrocketed over the past ten years. Many complain of irregular heartbeats and many are teens. Most cases can be traced back to over consumption of energy drinks, plus dehydration. Nevertheless, even after ten years and the increased warnings, energy drinks remain popular and people continue to consume them heavily.

Dying from over consumption right on the spot is rare, but then again it can happen as was the case with this teen. Energy drink consumption plus dehydration can be a very dangerous mix.

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