She Sticks Forks in Her Garden – The Reasons Why Are Truly Genius!

Gardening has a therapeutic effect on people, that is, it improves the health because you spend time in nature. Also, gardening is known to reduce stress. Moreover, working in the garden pays off because you can later enjoy in delicious, fresh, and organic fruits, veggies, herbs, etc.

If you’re into gardening, and you want to have an even more beautiful and thriving garden, make sure to take a look at the following useful garden hacks:

  • Muffin tins as a planting guide

Besides using them for baking, you can use muffin tins in gardening to create a perfect grid as a guide during seed planting. This is a great way to know where to put the seeds and how to space them out.

  • Glass bottles as fence

If your children or grandchildren love to play outside, in order to mark where they should step and where not, use bottles to make a fence and prevent your garden from being trampled on.

  • Garden markers with the help of a hammer and old spoons

Flatten old metal spoons with a hammer and then use a colorful paint. If you don’t have old silverware, you can use plastic spoons.

  • Hydrate plants by using old bottles

Instead of throwing away empty wine bottles, use them in your garden, that is, fill an old bottle with water and then put it upside down in the plant.

  • Fortify the garden with plastic forks

Prevent invaders from entering the garden by sticking old forks into the soil, with the pronged side up.

  • Make a planter and a wind chime with the help of a silverware and a colander

Hang old lightweight kitchen utensils from the bottom of a colander, flip it over, and then fill it with the plant you want.

  • Add flair to small spaces by using glass bottles

First, wash an empty can well and then remove the lid with a can opener. Then, take a can of paint and begin spraying. You’ll need several coats of paint to cover any logos, colors, or text. When the cans dry, put the soil and then plant herbs.

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