You Will Never Eat McDonald’s Again After You Read These Horrifying Facts

McDonalad’s is one of the most popular fast food restaurants all over the world. It offers fast, tasty, and appealing food to its costumers. However, did you know that the food in McDonald’s comes with crushed beetles and or duck feathers? Imagine eating your favorite fast food burger with these and other disgusting additives. Before buying another burger, read this article which lists the ingredients which are part of their foods.

Silicone Oil

The Chicken McNuggets are full of dimethylpolysiloxane. This is a silicone oil that is often used for making contact lenses and other medical items.


This is an amino acid synthesized from human hair or duck feathers, which is being used in the meat. Moreover, this amino acid is also used in the bread to soften it and give it flavor.


This additive can be found in 18 McDonald’s menu items. Although is generally considered to be safe, it can be potentially lethal.

Propylene Glycol

This chemical compound can also be found in fast food. It is usually used in anti-freeze and e-cigarettes.

Ammonium Sulfate

This is one of the nastiest bread additives. It helps mass-produce bread. In fact, ammonium sulfate is usually used for killing bugs and fertilizing soil.

Prescription Drugs

This may sound strange. However, prescription drugs are added to chicken feed for fast food “poultry” items.


This compound is present in almost any fried fast food menu item. Moreover, you can find this compound in contact lenses, caulking, shampoo and conditioners, and cosmetics.


This organic compound produced from wood pulp can be found in nearly every fast food menu item.

Silicon Dioxide

This industrial sand is used in things like Wendy’s chili to keep it from clumping together. Can you imagine eating it in your favorite McDonald’s burger?

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