According to experts, the shape of our feet can reveal a lot about our personality. There are several different foot types, and each one can say a lot about us in general. Here’s what your foot type says about you:

  1. Roman type

The Roman type of foot is the most usual type of foot in the world. It means that you’re a communicative and social person who loves adventure. These people are successful business leaders who love to be in the spotlight. Famous musicians and actors often have this type of foot.

  1. Peasant type

This rectangular type of foot is usual for calm and calculating people you can always rely on. These people like to remain silent and observe from the background, and usually have a high IQ.

  1. Greek type

The Greek type of foot is common for happy, pragmatic and emotional people who can love more than one partner. On the downside, the shape of the foot doesn’t allow them to wear any kind of shoes.

  1. Elongated foot

If your toes sit lower than the rest of the foot, you’re a great keeper of secrets. Once someone tells a secret to you, you will carry it to the grave. People with elongated feet are often temperamental and may also be moody.

  1. People who can separate the little toe from the others

If you can easily separate the small toe from the other toes, you love a challenge and change. Routine and boredom have never been your thing due to your curiosity and the thrill of adventure.

  1. If you can’t control your small toe

If you can’t control the movement of the small toe, you love stability and controlling every opportunity yourself. You’re a reliable parent or guardian who can provide stable and secure life for the family.

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