He Planned A Dance With Mom On Her Wedding Day – But None Of The Guests Expected THIS

Her six year old boy choreographed their mother-son dance. It has a beautiful start, but no one was expecting their surprise. After several months of coming up with the best dance imaginable, finally this son celebrates with his beautiful mama on her wedding day and shares their dance with all of their loved ones.

All eyes are on the precious two, a stunning bride and her handsome little boy. They flow gracefully on the dance floor like pros and then out of nowhere the beat drops and all eyes get bigger watching their talented moves. It was an unforgettable moment sharing the best of both worlds – the sweet embrace of a slow dance, and the joyous expressions of letting loose.

They danced as if no one else was in the room, sharing the fun and counting on each other to keep the dance alive. The used adorable props to add to the mix, and with every song change, something unexpected would be added in. As the little baby girl joins them in a sweet little dress, delightful smiles appear on faces in the audience. But when the groom joins in, they all share their first dance as an official family.

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