Nurse Places Newborn In Big Brother’s Lap For The 1st Time. His Reaction Is Absolutely Hysterical

Proud big brother carefully wrapped his arms around the baby, but the precious moment was hilariously interrupted. Little baby brother let out cry, and the unexpected squeal of the newborn caught big brother off guard so much that his gut reaction was to scream along with him.

A terrified look instantly appeared on big brother’s face when the unfamiliar sound of a baby filled his ears. Being so close to the helpless babe, big brother kept holding on tightly to keep him safe, but hadn’t quite learned the technique of calming the baby yet. No one could blame him because the already heart-pounding moment of carrying a new life in your hands is a humbling experience on its own, but when cries get added in the mix, things get even more interesting.

With parents and the nurse there, everything was under control. Afterwards, they all had to chuckle over the moment because in a single moment they all went from googling over the sight of brothers meeting for the first time, to complete and utter shock of the two of them having a breakdown at the same time. Nevertheless, they will have plenty more chances for peaceful moments in the future.

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