Parents, Be Careful! A 3 Year Old Child Said That Someone Was Talking To Him At Night and What His Mother Discovered is Shocking!

It was a complete shock for the parents of a 3 year old from Washington to discover that their child was talking to a stranger through their tracking device for kids!

The parents started using the Baby Monitor Camera because they thought they’d be feeling much safer with this device.

However, Jay and Sarah’s expectations soon went into pieces when they found their child was being spied by a stranger through their GPS device!

Sarah went into her child’s room when she heard a voice saying: “Wake up little child. Your daddy is looking for you.” It was her husband Jay, who later heard the same voice saying: “Someone is coming.”

It was a complete blow for the parents to realize that their every move was being watched. The horror worsened when they saw that the night lens from the monitor was moving as if someone was following their steps!

What they did next was to contact the manufacturer – Foscam. In response they were issued a report saying that their monitor was probably hacked via a smartphone application or a computer.

As confirmed by CBS News, this sort of crimes is rising in number due to the fact that these monitors have Internet and smartphone connections, which make them perfectly feasible.

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