How You Hug Your Loved One Shows So Much About Your Relationship

People should make love not war. But, different views, ideas, and perceptions about a specific matter can sometimes lead to unwanted occasions…

However, let’s cut the chase. Hugs are a beautiful thing. They are warm when we receive them and when we give them to people who we love. When your loved one hugs you, you can feel everything you need. As a matter of fact, when your partner hugs you, you feel safe in his arms and only the sky is the limit. Don’t you agree? Based on user experience and research, we present you what every type of hug actually means.
  1. Your hand in his pocket

This type of hug indicates that you are relaxed and you feel comfortable around the person you are hugging. What’s more, you are safe and deeply in love.

  1. Waist hug

If you usually wrap your arms around your partner’s waist, it means protection. You can provide a feeling of security and comfort at any time and you know that you will receive the same in return.

  1. Looking into his eyes while hugging

If you stare into his eyes when you hug him, it means that your connection is genuine. Furthermore, you are connected at a soul level.

  1. Rubbing his back while hugging

This signifies reassurance. Hence, you are always there for this person. You always feel comfortable sharing your problems with your partner, but you are also a good listener for their problems.

  1. The arms around the shoulder

This could indicate that the person you are hugging is not your lover, but a real friend.

  1. A pat on the back

This type of hug also indicates a sincere and long lasting relationship. This shows appreciation and it usually occurs at the beginning of the friendship.

  1. Keeping a distance

Keeping distance shows that you are uncomfortable when you are hugging the person. At times, it could point out to disagreement and uncertainty. However, don’t worry too much, as sometimes, it could simply mean that you don’t know the person well enough to give them a decent hug.

Hug lovers, what do you think?

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