Tricks To Make Your Girl Happy Are Revealed. #5 Is So Obvious

“When your girl is smiling, the whole world seems happy, and when she is sad, the life seems meaningless.” I can bet, almost every guy can relate to this statement.
But, then the problem is that everyone around the world claims that making a girl happy is not an easy task and they’ve put down their weapon. This happens because sometimes people are misguided, or sometimes they misunderstand but trust me, guys, this is not the case with all the girls. Most of the girls are very innocent, and their heart melts faster than an ice-cream. The thing is that you just need to give it a try.

And you don’t need to see here and there for seeking the help/tips as I am there and the plus point is that being a girl, I understand girls better.

Just hold your breath and look forward to knowing all the secrets which I am gonna reveal in the next few seconds to make your life happier and easier. I know you can’t wait more so, let’s start.

Take her to some peaceful place and just be with her, keeping everything else aside.

A girl always loves to spend some quality and private time with her special one. No matter how shattered she is but if you are with her, nothing else can cheer her up more. Sometimes, you forget to tell her how important and special she is in your life which you need to keep doing from time to time.

Don’t skip even a little chance to praise us. Got it?

PS: Being with her means being with her, forget everything else at that time.

Bring out the child in you and make her stay with him.

As soon as you come to know that she is not in a good mood, take a deep breath, go to her and ask her to accompany you in playing a few games. And I am sure, you’ll get a straight NO from her but don’t stop yourself, because girls love if someone asks them again and again(this is their way of feeling special) for any sweet approval.

So, keep poking her until she gets ready to play and once she starts, you’ll find her in a very joyful mood. Believe me, this will work.
PS: It’ll be better if you choose her favorite game.

I know everyone likes surprises but girls just love to get one.

You’ve no idea that even a small surprise can cheer her. Sometimes, guys think that a girl can be happy only if a diamond is gifted to her but this is not the case with everyone.

Even a flower or a chocolate can give her all the world’s happiness.

Recently, my beau sent a flower with a chit and I was on cloud 9 as it filled my heart with loads of happiness and energy. I think most of the girls need nothing more than this.
PS: Not much is needed to make her smile, just a flower or three magical words.

Tickling will work fantastically.

Tickling may be irritating for some people but still it is the best way to divert a person’s mind towards something more important and that’s happiness. It can boost your girl’s mood and she will burst out in laughter.

PS: Try it and tell me its after-effects.

Nature and greenery is something where every girl loves to be.

If there is some amazing natural place nearby your place then take her out there and show the beauty of nature. Nature always spreads positivity and serenity.

Remind her that she is the flower of your life whose smile and presence make your life complete and give you hope to live to the fullest.

Shopping and girls- both define each other very well.

I can bet, there’s not a single girl who doesn’t love shopping. Girls are just mad about it and you ask her to shop anytime, even in the worst of mood, you’ll get a positive reply.

So, why to delay?
Just loose your pocket a bit to see her smiling face.

PS: I think, nothing is precious than her smile.. (*wink*)

Pillow fighting is something every girl surely loves.

s it sounding crazy to you? I know, because it really is crazy and every boy loves to see her girl’s crazy side.

Try it once in a while and see its after-effects.

PS: Put all the gadgets aside because you never know…(*wink*)

Cook for her and you’ll see a smile on her face.

To surprise her, go to the kitchen and cook her favorite dish. No matter how it tastes, put all your efforts to improve her mood. Once in a while, every guy should try this.

PS: You can check out some food websites or pages to know the recipe and procedure.

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