Authorities Release New Report Confirming Fidget Spinners Can Kill Your Child

Lately, fidget spinners have taken the world by storm, quickly becoming the most popular toy in the modern world. However, various mothers are now reporting that they have found dangerous components in the device, which could kill children.

Originally, fidget spinners were created for children with sensory and attention disorders. They worked by allowing the child to occupy their hands in order to concentrate on important tasks. However, Tamara Rubin, a mom blogger recently took to the internet to show just how dangerous the seemingly innocent toy really was.

According to Rubin, she had used an XRF instrument to test a few different spinners and found lead in them. While she didn’t pinpoint the exact companies that had supplied the device, the amount she and other mothers are reporting are enough to kill a child. America’s Freedom Fighters reported that the “alarming amount of toxic contaminants” found in some of the spinners could prove quite deadly to the children that had them in their hands.

“Two were lead-free, but one had very high levels of lead and some mercury. She then disassembled a fidget spinner with LED lights and found both lead and mercury. She found 19,000 parts per million (ppm) of lead and 1,000 ppm of mercury.

These numbers are sobering because scientists consider under 90 ppm of lead to be the safe threshold in children’s toys.” Rubin explained.

Another mother, Johely Morelos also reported another, separate issue with the spinners. Unfortunately, her young son ended up choking on a piece of his spinner. “I showed him pictures and said, ‘Never put that in your mouth,” the 23-year-old mother told BuzzFeed. “I guess he didn’t listen that well.”

He was then rushed to the hospital, but the staff could not remove the device. He had to be transported to another hospital before it could be removed.

And while all toys can prove to be a choking hazard in one way or another, toys containing lead is another story. If the toys are tested by an outside agency and end up containing the amounts reported by the mothers that have begun to come forward with their own testing, it could prove deadly to the spinner movement, to say the least.


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