Wherever migrants go, they squat on privately owned land or public property and take up space. Well, this farmer was not going to put up with it any longer!

Farmers depend on their land for the crops they grow and the livestock they raise for their funds and livelihood, so when these migrants squatted on one farmer’s land, he pulled out his tractor and started plowing the land.

I’m sure this will be seen as a heartless action by liberals, who are just fine with refugees or migrants taking advantage of them, but the rest of the world is cheering this farmer.

This took place in March 2016, but this is still an issue almost a year later. We have people taking advantage of welfare and living on people’s land with no evidence of moving on. They are content to leech what they can from the rest of the world.

Lazarous Oulis, a Greek farmer, had enough of the tent city that occupied his lands. He allowed them to occupy a small portion of his land, but they took advantage of his kind act and more showed up to set up their tent houses.

Oulis had been promised by refugee programs that they would help him get the refugees off his land, but they never did. They continued to ignore his pleas for aid, so he took action into his own hands. That should teach these squatters not to take advantage of acts of kindness

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