The Reason Why Married Men Cheat

Here isn’t probably one person who never had painful stabs of jealousy and doubted his partner’s faithfulness. Despite the fact that modern women tend to take care of themselves and spend a lot of time in gym and beauty salons, even they cannot avoid being cheated.

So why do men cheat their wives? Did it ever seem that love and happiness are eternal, didn’t it? Almost always the cheating has a reason and you should know it. This will help you understand how to act and what to do to save the family and not to repeat the cheating.

I have a theory about all that situation. Perhaps it may seem too extravagant or unacceptable, but it sufficiently explains the nature of the phenomenon as cheating.

We’re forgetting something…

The problem is, we’re forgetting that there were two people involved in the cheating process. In addition to your husband, a young woman, which we call a mistress, played an active role in this process. If we women so condemn cheating, why so many of us are seducing men even if we know they’re married?

Many young women say that they prefer to choose mature men for their relations. Behind a beautiful word “mature” hides a less pleasant word “married”. So when it comes to relationships, we all forget our principles and take what we like.

Married men cheat their wives because women like it. It sounds provocative, but in fact, this is how it works. If the girls remember their principles and resist temptation, the cheating will become rare phenomena.

Men cheat us because we let them do so

Women are sometimes very selfish. It’s not about the pain caused by cheating, it’s about the fact that your man belongs to someone else. We don’t want to be cheated, but we like to sleep with married men.

Because for many of us, a relationship with a man is much more important than principles and morality. When women around the world finally unite and begin to think not only about themselves but others, perhaps we will live in a world without cheating.

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