Follow This 1 Week Diet Plan To Weight Loss Around 15 Lbs Naturally

Bananas And Milk    Day 4

The fourth day of the diet includes consuming milk and bananas. Go crazy – you can have up to 10 bananas and 3-4 glasses of milk.

 Feast Day 5

On the fifth day, you can eat some meat such as fish or chicken as well as tomatoes and even a simple dessert! Make sure to drink up to 12 glasses of water during the day.

Red Meat And Veggies         Day 6

On day 6, you can have a bit of red meat and veggies for lunch. This is also the day when you should start noticing the first improvements.

Veggies And Rice      Day 7

On the final day, you can have rice for lunch and vegetables for the other meals. You can also have a potato, but no bananas.

That’s it – you’ve completed the diet! After a week, you should feel pretty much lighter and better. It will detoxify your body and reduce your weight naturally, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

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