#2. Being shameless in your intimate life

It is important to be wild and reckless with someone you are dating. Don’t be ashamed of your desires and be sincere with your partner. Drop him a horny message in the middle of the day to warm him up before your crazy night. Be playful, it will help to make your relations even stronger.

#3. Make an agreement

You guys both should understand what is going on between you two. If someone is not ok with going out with friends without a partner you should discuss it. To be honest, it is the problem of trust. If you trust your partner, you will be fine, when he is not around you. Nevertheless, all the issues should be discussed.

#4. Make an interesting game

You should be attractive all the time. You should become a reason for him to come home faster. Be seductive and playful, as we have mentioned previously. Find out some erotic game that will make him want you more than ever before. Be creative and use your imagination.

#5. Fantasy

Tell him about your fantasy and ask him to fulfil it. First of all, it will make him feel really special. On the top, he will feel responsible for your satisfaction. The last, but not the least, you will definitely get benefits of it. Your sex will be amazing.

Here are 4 more tips to make your partner does not cheat:

-Talk about your masturbation over

-Tell your partner you want his body

-Talk about sex freely. Make sex your routine topic

– Dirty jokes- are your friends. Don’t be shy of using them.

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